1.) I want to book space for a public notice ad in a cost-effective newspaper. How would I know how to proceed with the same?

“Cost-effectiveâ€￾ describes the rate of every edition of each of the nearly 1,000 newspapers, which are members of the Indian Newspaper Society headquartered in Rafi Marg, New Delhi. The cost of advertising – whether classified, classified display or display – depends entirely on the circulation of an edition of the newspaper in an area. This is governed by market forces. For instance, Hindustan Times, Delhi edition, has a different rate for advertising from Hindustan Times, Mumbai, because it is cost-effective for the people of Delhi to advertise at the rate charged there and equally cost-effective for the people to advertise in Hindustan Times, Mumbai, at the rate charge there even though the actual amounts paid are different.

Therefore, the best course for you will be to 1) decide on the language of your public notice advertisement, 2) select the location of the audience you wish to reach, 3) find out the newspaper editions covering that area, 4) writing to each edition of the selected newspapers asking for their rates, 5) designing and creating your public notice and 6) sending it to the newspaper and negotiating rebates and speed.

However, simplest would be like others from all over India to place advertisement through Adinnewspaper, the online facility of an INS-member advertising agency. It offers such free services as the latest ad rates, provides ad samples and does ad bookings online and saves you peace of mind aside from cash where possible.