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Public notices generally contain information for making the public aware of something which is relevant to them and may need a response. Public notice ads are mainly a formality, required by a variety of courts, government organisations and housing societies. Such ads are largely placed by individuals, corporate undertakings or government agencies. Public notices can be of any length and include text, images or both. A public notice ad in newspapers is published for various reasons. These include:

On making a property deal: A property deal could involve more than two people. It becomes complicated when it brings in legal matters involving the courts, police, and others because there can sometimes be disputes when making a property deal when the property cost is rising. That is where a public notice ad helps make the transaction more transparent.

A parent dies without making any nomination: When a father or mother dies without having managed to make a nomination, there could be a fight between siblings and/or relatives as they could be the legal heirs who do not want to share the property. A public notice makes everything clear to all concerned.

Family dispute arises due to property matters: Parents sometimes may want to make a nomination based on emotional judgement. Sometimes, there can also be misunderstandings because of which there could be a dispute. This is when a public notice ad makes everything transparent fir a fair decision.

Claim against legal heirs of property: The needs of elderly people are sometimes attended by caretakers employed for the purpose. This frees the legal heirs to attend to their own futures and their own wellbeing. Thus, unscrupulous caretakers have ample opportunity to make an emotional rapport with their old employers to gain access to the property on the elders’ demise. In cases like these, the direct descendants can claim legal rights to the property by publishing a public notice ad, which can be presented in courts to register their case.

Property to be auctioned: When property is to be disposed of, the best way to get a good price is through a public auction. This auction can be announced through a public notice to attract suitable bidders.

When investigating the title of some property: If the title of some property is in doubt, this has to be investigated. For this purpose, a public notice simplifies matters.

Cancellation and/or termination of a property agreement: In case neither the buyer nor the seller of a property in dispute is present, the government would use public notice ads to inform the public that the property is in government hands. On this basis, the authorities can either auction it or use it for their own purposes.

For dissolving an oral agreement between a purchaser and seller: In case the relevant documentation is not available, the purchaser and seller can make an oral agreement. However, if the property is illegally used, there can be legal interventions and a public notice ad released to dissolve the agreement.

Other kinds of public notice ads: Lost and Found ads, Legal Notice ads, Change of Name ads, Society Share Certificates ads, C-forms Lost ads, H-forms Lost ads, Purchase/Sale of Property ads, Company Shares/Equity Shares Lost ads, Gift Notice ads, Redevelopment ads, Bank Notice ads, Change of Company Address Notice ads, Government Notice ads among many.

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