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Diverse undertakings offer a variety of services to the general public. Some of these services are:

  • Florist Services: This specialised service offers home delivery of flowers and bouquets on orders. Customers can also drop in and hand pick their selections at bargain prices. But they must advertise to get customers.
  • Housekeeping Services: Today, the well-organised sector of housekeeping services offers help from cleaning up rooms, houses and hotels to also taking care of laundry. Mainly advertising helps them get ahead.
  • Electronic Services: These are offered by people who repair, buy and sell old or new electronic equipment. But to let the public know, they must advertise.
  • Pest Control: This service reduces big and small pests in homes, offices and factories. There are even those offering herbal pest controls to reduce human respiratory-related problems. These factors must be advertised.
  • Gym Equipment: These people serve those buying new or refurbished gym equipment or other fitness-related gear. Only through advertising can they get more customers.
  • Interior Decorators: People and companies offering to do interior decoration can advertise their services to catch more business. This is especially true of medium and small entrepreneurs who benefit by providing interior decoration services to middle class people.
  • Packers and Movers: They are the people help wrap up and shift furniture and the like from one location to another safely. To beat competition, they should advertise.
  • Repairs and Waterproofing: Civil works like repairing and waterproofing are handled by these specialists who need to advertise to increase their clientele.
  • Old Age Homes: These places care for old people and treat them. Most such homes operate from donations from well wishers. Hence, they must advertise to attract more funds.
  • Vastu Consultants: Vastu consultants offer advice regarding auspicious settings of a house or its location while looking for property. These are specialised services that need to advertise to get more adherents.

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Types of Service Advertisements:

  • Service Classified Text Ads: Also known as run on line (ROL) ads, are the cheapest and simplest form of text advertising however, at extra cost, these can be enhanced with the use of screen, background colour, border or bold text. Depending on the newspaper, the cost is calculated on the basis of words or lines used in the text. Such ads are restricted to the classified pages of newspapers.
  • Service Classified Display Ads: Classified display (CD) ads are more expensive as they allow the use of logos, visuals and colours to be more eye-catching. The ads are charged on a per square centimetre basis of the space covered. Such ads are also restricted to the classified pages of newspapers.
  • Service Display Ads: Display ads are the most expensive as there are no restrictions to the size, page or position in a page they are carried on. They typically contain text, photographs, logos, maps and other informational matter. Display advertising appears on the same page as, or on the page next to, the general editorial content.

Three Steps to book Service Ads Online through Adinnewspaper:

1) Choose the newspaper and ad type (text or classified display) and location.

2) Choose the package, compose the advertisement and check the preview alongside.

3) Choose the publication date and make the payment online to complete the ad booking. The options for making payment include credit cards, debit cards, net banking. Online payments options at Adinnewspaper are secure because it is encrypted with SSL. Offline payments can be made through cash, cheque deposit or NEFT transfer.

A professional customer support team is available for you at Adinnewspaper to ensure you do not face any problems while booking service ad or tracking in the newspaper. You can call us, email us or contact us via Live Chat.