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Obituary advertisements are placed in newspapers when someone dies to inform friends and relatives far and near about the loss. In addition to the person picture and some personal information, they also convey the funeral particulars and details of post-funeral ceremonies that include: Chautha-Uthamna, Chauthas, Shradhanjali among Hindus, Bhog among Sikhs, Marka among Sindhis, Month Mind among Christians and similar observations depending on the religion.

Usual Contents of Obituary Ads:

  • Person name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of expiry
  • Short profile
  • Funeral time and place
  • Post-funeral ceremonies date, time and place
  • Name of relatives

Death Announcement Ads-Antim Ardas Ads:

Death Announcement ads,Antim Ardas Ad inform the general public of the demise of celebrated individuals such as leaders of industry, community and social services most of whom are widely known but newspapers usually ignore in their editorial coverage.

Sad Demise Ads:

Sad Demise ads usually inform people immediately on the death of a very important personage of an organisation. They convey details like date, time and venue of funeral and post-funeral services.

Prayer Meeting Ads:

Prayer meeting ads inform of gatherings of sympathisers for offering prayers as a group. Such meetings can be held in private homes, public places or some generally accepted locations. Usually, public prayer meetings are attended by people of more than one faith.

Condolences Ads:

Condolence ads are ads placed by people expressing their sympathies with a family, which has lost someone as an expression of their conscious and active support.

Chautha-Uthamna Ads:

Chautha-Uthamna ads inform of a function which usually takes place three days after someone demise. Its other names are Besna, Uthhala or Chautha in which friends and relatives gather at a hall or auditorium for paying condolences to the family.

Months Mind Ads:

A Month’s Mind is a requiem mass in memory of the deceased observed by Christians about a month after a person’s demise.

Bhog Ceremony Ads:

among Sikhs involves reading the entire Sahaj Paath of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, organised by the family of the departed person at home or at a Gurdwara. Food is also served from the Guru kitchen, the Langar.

Rasam Pagdi Ads:

The ceremonial turban-tying practised among Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs on the eldest son of the deceased.

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Every Newspaper offers concessional rates for obituary advertisements though the cost varies from one newspaper to another. Sizes of obituary ads range from 20 (4cm x 5 cm) to a full page occupying about 1700 sq.cms. In between, rates vary according to the page and position in a page selected but these will be charged at the regular ad rates while discounts will apply when the ad is placed in the specific obituary page (like The Times of India’s Times Tribute page).

Types of Obituary Advertisements:

  • Obituary Classified Text Ads: Also known as run on line (ROL) ads, are the cheapest and simplest form of text advertising However, at extra cost, these can be enhanced with the use of screen, background colour, border or bold text. Depending on the newspaper, the cost is calculated on the basis of words or lines used in the text. Such ads are restricted to the classified pages of newspapers.
  • Obituary Classified Display Ads: Classified display (CD) ads are more expensive as they allow the use of logos, visuals and colours to be more eye-catching. The ads are charged on a per square centimetre basis of the space covered. Such ads are also restricted to the classified pages of newspapers.
  • Obituary Display Ads: Display ads are the most expensive as there are no restrictions to the size, page or position in a page they are carried on. They typically contain text, photographs, logos, maps and other informational matter. Display advertising appears on the same page as, or on the page next to, the general editorial content.

The above refer to ads placed in pages other than the specific obituary page some newspapers set aside for obituary ads.

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