Matrimonial Ad in Newspaper

Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper: Bride & Groom Wanted Advertisement

Bond of matrimony is a sacred and special bond of a lifetime. It brings together two people whether strangers or acquaintances and seals them in a relationship that is forever. Marriage is a promise of each partner with the other that no matter how difficult the life will become both of them will support each other and remain together. It is the love and support of both the partners that keeps them together during the topsy-turvy path of life.

When a person finds their dream-partner or soul-mate life becomes a journey to look forward to no matter what comes before them. A loving pair will always find ways to overcome hurdles and obstacles that will come their way. It is due to this that wife and husband are called 'Better Halves' as they constitute two sides of the same coin!

However, this is also true that post marriage life changes to a great extent not just for the bride and groom but for their respective families as well. Both the parties have to accept each other from the bottom of their hearts despite all the differences. Hence, a matrimonial alliance inculcates patience in everyone.

It is thus a very important decision of life to choose a correct life-partner. One needs to think well before saying the final 'yes'. Though, nowadays people have been running after matrimonial sites but it is also a noteworthy fact that marriage ads in newspapers have always worked well in arranging marriages. Till date, it is very likely that people might not get satisfactory response from the online matrimonial service providers but Matrimonial ads in newspaper will certainly yield best results. People can publish Bride wanted advertisement as well as Groom wanted advertisement in any of the leading national dailies or regional news journals. You can also publish your advert under various castes viz. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist etc. Select any news journal of your choice and make your bookings. Some of the renowned names are The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, The Indian Express, Navbharat Times, Prabhat Khabar, Hindustan Hindi, Punjab Kesari etc.

Indian matrimony system relies heavily on arrange marriages. Though the number of love marriages have increased in the past couple of decades but today also there are many people who prefer an arrange marriage set-up over love marriage. Involvement of parents and families thus comes to fore in arrange marriages. It is due to this that Matrimonial Newspaper Ads have a pivotal role to play for finding a marriage partner in arrange marriage set up. Newspapers help people get genuine responses from marriage seekers (as only genuine match-seekers will spend money to publish a newspaper advert). If you are also in search of a life-partner do not just keep waiting and book matrimonial ads, in any paper of your choice. If you are tech-savvy and believe in speed then booking online matrimonial advertisement are the 'In Thing' for you. Just hop on the website and reserve your matrimonial ad slot today.


Though there are three types of newspaper ad posts i.e. Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display adverts but a matrimonial ad post is usually in the first two formats. There is seldom anyone who goes for a Display advert for matrimony as these ad posts are usually for commercial advertising.

Talking more about the classified text ad and classified display ad, both these types of adverts are charged differently due to their format.

The former are in a simple running text with Black and White font. They are charged based on the number of Lines or words used in the advert content. To make these ad posts attractive, there are some enhancement options available such as Background Colour, Tick Mark for higher visibility, Bold text, etc.

Coming to classified Display Ads, these adverts can be customized as per the needs of the advertiser. Ad seekers have the freedom to choose from varied fonts, colours, images and logos. These ad posts are charged per square centimetre. However, there are certain limitations and restrictions that are there with these adverts i.e. minimum and maximum Height and Width are to be taken care of while going for such posts. Plus, you have the liberty to choose Black and White or Coloured advertisements, but keep in mind that the cost of the two will vary.


To reserve your ad slot in any newspaper of your choice, simply follow the instruction mentioned here. Take a look:

1.) Select the newspaper from the diverse catalogue and the edition as per the city that you choose.

2.) Now select the appropriate option from the listed Ad Rates that suits your budget.

3.) Further, select the date of Publishing from the Calendar.

4) Now proceed to compose your matrimonial advert. You can take the help of sample ads available online to compose your draft. While drafting your advert for marriage do not forget to mention the category under which you want to publish your advert i.e. 'Bride wanted' or 'Groom Wanted'.

5) Now proceed for payment and choose from the Online and Offline Payment Options.

6) Once you are done with your payment, you will get an auto generated invoice or an e-receipt from the system confirming your ad booking.