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Daily News Classified Advertisement Booking Online

Daily News is a broadsheet Hindi-language daily newspaper published from Jaipur in Rajasthan with a wide readership in Rajasthan and also Madhya Pradesh. It carries ads in diverse categories which include Matrimonial, Public Notice, Tender Notice, Property to Rent, Sale of Property, Recruitment (Appointment), Lost & Found, Name Change, Vehicles for Sale/Purchase and Education among others.

From all over the country, the simplest and quickest way to reach the target audience served by Daily News is through the online facility Myadvtcorner of an INS-accredited, full-service ad agency which has a full team of media professionals. This provides free assistance like placing ads in Daily News newspaper and doing Daily News newspaper classified ad booking.


 Daily News classified advertisements are of two kinds: 

  1. Daily News classified text ads: These ads are the cheapest printed on Daily News classified ad pages in a run-on words format. At extra cost, enhancements like colour, tick, bold and screen for extra visibility can be added.

 2. Daily News classified display ads: These costlier ads are displayed in a colour text format with enhanced features of design and images. They can be booked in both black-and-white or colour formats. The text can be composed directly online from easy templates or by uploading the ads in JPEG/PDF/EPS formats.


One can compose the advertisement for Daily News in Hindi or English. If a language translation service is needed, this should be specified during the booking process.



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