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With the fast-expanding reach of technology, computers have become heavily in demand in virtually every walk of life. Manufacturers, suppliers and service providers are constantly on the look-out for developments in this field to adopt for their own benefit and growth. Whether it is computer hardware, software, services like AMCs or even web hosting, advertising is always the first choice. Likewise, for promoting computer education, dotcoms, computer furniture, computer showrooms, computer recruitment, accounting software and much more.

From all over India, the speediest and smoothest way to place computer software ads in newspapers is through Adinnewspaper, the online facility of an INS-member advertising agency. It offers such free services as computer newspaper ad rates, provides computer ad samples, does computer ad booking online and books computer newspaper advertisements.

Computer Advertisement Tariff for Newspapers:

Minimum size of computer ads in newspapers is usually 4cm x 5 cm (20 cms) but ads could be of all sizes right up to full-page ads of about 1700 sq cms with the rate varying according to the page.

Types of Computer Advertisements:

  • Computer Classified Text Ads: Also known as run on line (ROL) ads, are the cheapest and simplest form of text advertising However, at extra cost, these can be enhanced with the use of screen, background colour, border or bold text. Depending on the newspaper, the cost is calculated on the basis of words or lines used in the text. Such ads are restricted to the classified pages of newspapers.
  • Computer Classified Display Ads: Classified display (CD) ads are more expensive as they allow the use of logos, visuals and colours to be more eye-catching. The ads are charged on a per square centimetre basis of the space covered. Such ads are also restricted to the classified pages of newspapers.
  • Computer Display Ads: Display ads are the most expensive as there are no restrictions to the size, page or position in a page they are carried on. They typically contain text, photographs, logos, maps and other informational matter. Display advertising appears on the same page as, or on the page next to, the general editorial content.

Three Steps to book Computer Ads Online through Adinnewspaper:

1) Choose the newspaper and ad type (text or classified display or display) and location.

2) Choose the package, compose the advertisement and check the preview alongside.

3) Choose the publication date and make the payment online to complete the ad booking. The options for making payment include credit cards, debit cards, net banking. Online payments options at Adinnewspaper are secure because it is encrypted with SSL. Offline payments can be made through cash, cheque deposit or NEFT transfer.

A professional customer support team is available for you at Adinnewspaper to ensure you do not face any problems while booking your computer ad or tracking in the newspaper. You can call us, email us or contact us via Live Chat.