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Book Beauty Parlour Ads Online to Attract More Customers

To attract more customers, beauty parlours are advertising their services in newspapers. These services include facials, hairdos, haircuts, dying, pedicures, manicures, body massages, spas, wedding make-up and much more. Beauty parlour ads could be in any of three standard formats:

  • Beauty Parlour Classified Advertisement: The cheapest format is a simple roll-on (ROL) text ad charged by the word or line, depending on the newspaper.
  • Beauty Parlour Classified Display (CD) Advertisement: A more expensive format ad allows the use of logo, colour photo, colour background and such enhancements, charged by the col. cm.
  • Beauty Parlour Display Advertisement: The most expensive format, these ads have no restrictions to size, colour, page or position in a page and are also charged by the col. cm. It can thus be published as a full-page, half-page or quarter-page advertisement.

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Three Steps to book Beauty Parlour Ads Online through Adinnewspaper:

1) Choose the newspaper and ad type (classified/classified display/display) and location.

2) Choose the package, compose the advertisement and check the preview alongside.

3) Choose the publication date and make the payment online to complete the ad booking. The options for making payment include credit cards, debit cards, net banking. Online payments options at Adinnewspaper are secure because it is encrypted with SSL. Offline payments can be made through cash, cheque deposit or NEFT transfer.

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