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About Aajkaal

Aajkaal (pronounced: Bengali pronunciation: and its evening edition Sandhya Aajkaal) is a Bengali newspapers in Kolkata, India. Aajkaal is simultaneously published from Kolkata, Siliguri, and its Tripura edition is published from Agartala.

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What to Advertise?
Where to Advertise?
Publish Classified Advertisement in Aajkaal online to advertise at the lowest cost or at the best deal for advertising. Not only can we reach the publication’s best offers, butalso advertise in all its categories such as Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Education, Public Notice, Name Change, Lost and Found, Business, Services, Astrology, Motor Vehicle, Obituary, Remembrance and other classifications of advertising to make it all the more easy for you.

adinnewspaper for booking Classified Advertisements – follow the guidelines and do it yourself for the categories matrimonial, property for sale, to-let, public notices, situations vacant, business, tenders, change of name, motor vehicles, medical, etc. advertisements.

adinnewspaper for booking in Aajkaal Classified Display, Display, Tenders, UFR and Obituaries Advertisements - Mail the text of your requirements to us and our professional visualisers and copywriters will prepare an advertisement for your approval before release.

Why advertising in Aajkaal provides super value for money
The matchless circulation superiority of Aajkaal speaks volumes of its popularity with readers. That means advertisers get more value for the money they invest every time they advertise in Aajkaal . That means that, even when the rates are higher than those of other newspapersAajkaal reach makes every advertisement visible to more readers per rupee than the others. Especially with adinnewspaper

Cities covered with circulation
Aajkaal offers advertisers the widest choice of its editions in 3 cities: Kolkata, Siliguri, and its Tripura edition is published from Agartala

For booking advertisements in Aajkaal through adinnewspaper
Every day, the classified sections of Aajkaal offers advertisers subsections covering various sections like recruitment, business, services, travel, lost & found among the many. It also issues a separate supplement for matrimonial advertisements. These advertising can be in the classified, classified display and display formats.

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