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Name Change Ad

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People need to change their names for various reasons. Among the many are the following:

  • Change of name for women after marriage: After a woman gets married and takes her husband' s surname, she needs to make it official in various legal documents like her passport, bank account, ration card etc.
  • Adding the changed name when applying for a passport: The husband's name is required to be mentioned in a married woman' s passport. This is made possible only with a valid legal document obtained after undergoing the due process.
  • Adding the change name to a joint banking account: When the woman' s last name has been changed, it has to be corrected in the joint bank account with a photo ID to avoid any fraud taking place.
  • Establishing relationship proof when woman' s name is changed: A marriage certificate depends on the legal document prepared after making out an affidavit.
  • Including the new name in the ration card: When a nuclear family gets the benefits of lower rates of basic essentials of living provided by the government, a member' s name being changed officially must be reflected in relevant changes in the ration card.
  • Change of name in case a woman remarries after divorce: To enjoy her earlier benefits after getting divorced and changing her name, the woman must get her old last name legally changed to the new after undergoing the due process.
  • Change of name due to a spelling difference in birth certificate and school leaving certificate: In case there is any difference in the name in a person ' s birth certificate and in his or her school leaving certificate, this can only be rectified by legally regularising it after undergoing the due process. The same has to be done in case the name is changed at any time.
  • Change of name in case a child has been adopted: When a child is adopted, the foster parents may have no idea of its background and will give their preference of a name to the child. For the child ' s schooling and other related reasons, the new name must be legalised after undergoing the due process.
  • Change of name influenced by astrology or numerology: When Ajay Devgan became Ajay Devgn and the late Jayalalithaa became Jayalalithaa, it was with the advice of an astrologer or numerologist as happens with various common people. But any such change must be made legal through the usual process.
  • Change of name because of change in religion: When someone changes religion, he or she usually adopts a name from the adopted religion. This can be legalised only after undergoing the due process.

Once a name is changed, a copy in both hard copy and electronic format should be maintained for future reference.

When a person has completed all formalities of changing name and has received the necessary certification, it is advisable to place a low-cost classified ad in a low-cost newspaper which could be local, regional or national since this is only a formality that completes the entire legal requirement.

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