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Losing someone close is indeed a traumatic event that one can face in life. It is a heart-rending time that can take toll on the overall well-being of an individual to an extent that the person feels devastated and wants to run away from her or his circumstances. Whether it is a sudden death of a loved one or they die due to a long-term illness the pain that one feels is the same. The only difference is that in the latter the survivors are mentally prepared for the unfortunate event prior to its actual happening. Whichever is the case one thing that is common in both the situations is that people publish obituary ads to make death announcements. An obituary ad is generally published in newspapers so that more and more people can go through such ads.

One should book these ads in at least two newspapers; one a national daily and second any regional paper that has a wide readership in a particular region. Suppose you reside in Kolkata and want to make death announcement for your loved one for that you can book obituary display ad in The Telegraph newspaper. Advertisement in The Telegraph newspaper, reach a wider population because it is a very popular paper in West Bengal with a lot of readership.


The Telegraph ad booking for Kolkata can be done instantly through our website, which is one of the leading online portals for newspaper ad bookings. You will get the ad slot easily within minutes without having you to visit the newspaper ad booking centre. We understand that people are often pressed on time during such heart-rending moments when they lose a loved one thus we have a user-friendly platform that enables even a non tech-savvy person to navigate through easily.

In case you find it difficult to book the ad slot you can take the help of our customer assistance team who will help you in the ad booking process.
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