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Changing name is a very common thing. People often take on a new name for one reason or the other; either they change the spelling of their existing name or add a surname to their current name (as in the case of newly wedded females) or they completely do away with their current name and take on a new name. The reason for such a move can also be different for different people; some change their name because they find some other name more attractive, others can take such a step on direction of their astrologer or a numerologist.

Whatever be the case one thing that must be followed by every name change seeker is the name change process that comprises three steps which are as follows:

• Get an affidavit for name change
• Get a newspaper ad published for name change and
• Get a gazette notification published for name change


Here we will discuss in detail about the second step which is the newspaper advert for name change. You can choose any newspaper of your choice to get a name change published. National daily, regional paper, community papers, etc. all provide ad space for such adverts. It is advisable that you choose a paper that has a wider readership so that more and more people go through your advertisement. Though a name change ad is not published to get a reader response but the very purpose of a classified ad must be accomplished which is nothing but informing a large population pool. Thus, it is essential to choose a paper that has a wide readership.


Amar Ujala newspaper has been of great help in advertising and promotion. People book adverts under various categories in this coveted news journal to send across their message to a large population pool. Amar Ujala newspaper advertisement due to this reason is a costly affair. If you choose this newspaper for your name change ad then you will surely have to pay more for the same.

However, there is always a way out for things in life; you can find an alternative way to book a name change ad in Amar Ujala instead of directly connecting with the newspaper team. Instead, you can take the help of an authentic newspaper ad booking agency to get the ad space at discounted price. We are one such channel that has been helping people for decades now for their advertising needs. You can rely on us for change of name ad booking for Delhi or any other city as we offer value-for-money to all our customers.

For more details check out our website or connect with our team members.

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