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Advertise in Manipur Mail to reach India’s far east

The prime English newspaper of India’s far-eastern state of Manipur is Manipur Mail published from the state capital of Imphal. Covering high-end topics that have importance at the state and local levels, the newspaper follows a precise editorial policy in matters relating to politics, the economy society, sports and other topical issues. That is how the newspaper has now created a definitive niche for itself.


Because of the newspaper’s wide readership in Manipur, Manipur Mail newspaper ads provide an excellent platform for reached out to the most people on an everyday basis in the state. It provides several categories for placing ads like Matrimonial, Education, Property, Situations Vacant, Change of Name, Lost and Found, Automobiles and many more. The advertising rate in each category is different but all are reasonably priced.

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Manipur Mail Classified Display advertisements, also known as column ads, are just a little more expensive than Manipur Mail running Classified Text ads. That is because these advertisements can be customized through uploading images and logos besides formatting font sizes and styles. Also, CD ads can be printed in colour and/or as black and white formats in the classified section. You can not only compose your Classified Display ads in the Manipur Mail newspaper online with pre-designed templates, you can also upload ads personally composed by you.


Running Classified Text ads are generally also published in the Classified Section of the Manipur Mail newspaper in a running line or words format. Various options are available for enhancement – such as bold lettering, background colour and a border – to make them more eye-catching.


Display ads in Manipur Mail newspaper can be of any size or colour depending entirely on the budgetary allotment.
To directly advertise in Manipur Mail, just follow the simple steps:


•    Select your category, ad type and package from several options available.
•    Compose your ad and view it while drafting, then select the date you want.
•    Make your payment online using credit/debit card and net banking.


You will receive an auto-generated invoice on your email ID when you have successfully made the payment, confirming your ad booking. Your ad will be ready for publishing on the date/s scheduled once it has received editorial approval of the policies of Manipur Mail.


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